About Strategic Development

We have no problem making ourselves busy with work toward our goals. It's a common experience for clients to share with us that they've been working at something for quite a while and haven't seen the kind of results that they're looking for. Common barriers that we've found are the availability of tried and true processes and structures for the client's purpose, and access to a network of collaborators to help maximize efforts.

At Opportunity Inc. we create success through collaboration by relying on an impeccable Advisory Board, Innovative Minds and a strong Network of Service Providers.

Clients Partner With Us

  • Strategic Planning

  • Program Design

  • Fund Development

  • Organization Development

  • Project Management

  • Leadership Development

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Collaboration

  • Community Building

  • Strategic Consulting

  • Collaborative Implementation

Clients rely on us to help build a bridge to actionable goals derived from intense and results driven engagement.


Step 1) Introductory Session: You'll connect with one of our Strategic Development Partners to build an understanding of your current situation and identify goals

Step 2) The Interview: Some what of a friendly interrogation, our consultants will ask a ridiculous amount of piercing questions that we've shown to improve clarity of mission and opportunities.

Step 3) Development Agreement: You'll be presented with a draft Development Agreement that will outline our work together. This includes a clear set of deliverables, timelines and costs.

Step 4) Implementation: Once the Development Agreement is finalized and properly signed, we'll get to work and continue regular updates as we progress toward the agreed deliverables.

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