How Birds View Opportunity

Opportunity Inc's sole purpose is to steward opportunities to success through collaboration. Our internal projects are expressions of our purpose. We embody that purpose in service to members of the Opportunity Network who want to connect to succeed. We live that purpose in service to the community through the Foundation for Opportunity.

Although we are a business that is into ownership, we empower and build strategic partners as well - helping to create more successful entrepreneurs with whom we prosper. Opportunity Inc. has a unique organizational structure that builds and contracts with businesses under entrepreneurs that would otherwise be considered employees. For example, rather than hire a social media manager, we help Britney solidify Bri Social and become one of her first clients. We want to focus on building our team's capacity for success and benefit from how they live their passion.

Bri Social becomes a member of the Opportunity Network where other organizations can benefit from the connection. In this way, we create a win/win/win. Britney gets to earn an independent living from her social media expression, we get great social media engagement, and Network members get an experienced partner.

The same goes for Flow Enterprises. As members of the Opportunity Network, we connected with them to help actualize our vision of a text to donate system that displayed real-time results. Months later, we'd partnered to form TransText LLC and the tool had already helped multiple organizations raise millions.

As expressions of success through collaboration, our internal projects are meant to do two very important things: 1) Make the world better, by empowering those whose lives we touch; and 2) generate returns on our investment.

We believe that business can be more than legal, it can and should be socially beneficial as well. You might not hear too many for profit corporations put first and foremost a responsibility to the world that brought us. We're changing that one project at a time - one relationship at a time. For us, an opportunity is only a true opportunity when it makes things better for the lives that it touches.

What’s at the beginning of any success? Opportunity. It’s that stuff of potential that lights this fire of possibility - the possibility of success. But will it ever be realized possibility? See, opportunity is only real, when you have the eyes to see it - when you have the stuff of potential, the will, the people, the resources, ready to be set ablaze. Our stuff… is in The Network, our advisory board, and the sharp minds of development partners with eagle eyes for real opportunity. And what we find is that… people want to be a part of it. They want to invest. They want to succeed. Realize the possibility with us. And for that, we're grateful, because, from here?, there’s far too much success for any one of us to enjoy on our own. And our possibility... is only made the people...that believe with us.

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